Individual products of the highest quality for the best possible flavour

All raw materials for meat production are exclusively sourced from EC abattoirs and cutting plants, which have to demonstrate particularly high quality assurance values. Our trained specialist personnel checks the meat for temperature and optical status and processes it while respecting the strictest hygiene measures. Only the best cuts of chicken, turkey, lamb, veal and beef are allowed into production. It’s only in this way that we can guarantee you the highest quality.

The meat parts are individually seasoned, according to customer demands, with carefully chosen spice and herb mixes. This is how they get their unmistakeable, special flavour. The combination of traditional values, top awareness of quality and outstandingly well trained employees in production of our premium meat products is what marks out our Europe-wide success.

Advantages for you

  • Meat only from EC abattoirs and cutting plants
  • Meat parts and package sizes also to the customer’s desires
  • Exact product labelling, as per the law
  • Strict hygiene requirements across the operation
  • Highest quality and product safety
  • Without additives and preservatives

We want to wow your customers with creative food concepts. That’s why we, an experienced meat specialist, offer you the advantages of our speed and flexibility! Discover our broad product spectrum here.