Akser Deluxe Kebab

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About This Project

DThe Akser Deluxe kebab, made of pure veal, is our perennial favourite. It was one of our first products and has been a top seller since then, consisting exclusively of carefully butchered and individually pre-sorted slices of veal. Our traditional spice mix, which we have been producing and using for over 30 years, makes this premium product unique.

Product details

Item number: 1100
Meat: 90% veal
Type: sliced meal
Sizes: 5 – 80 kg

Nutrition information:

Average nutritional values per 100g


Energy (kJ) / (kcal)854 / 205
Protein18,3 g
Carbohydrates9,8 g
thereof sugar5,8 g
Fat14,6 g
Roughage0 g
thereof Saturates6,8 g
Sodium3,5 g


Photo: Serving Suggestion